Our account representatives are knowledgeable veterans of the corrugated industry. This proven field experience becomes a real asset in the process of providing packaging ideas and solutions to you, our customer. Besides experience, we are a highly service oriented company with a focus on responsiveness to the customer.

An example: A customer’s prototype is brought back to our Structural Design Center. Our Design Team will create, design and provide CAD drawings to our Customer Service group for formal quotation. A production-ready sample is built and then both sample and quotation are delivered back to the customer – in the same day. Once approved and ordered, this custom packaging solution is manufactured and delivered – often – the next business day.

This focus and commitment to Service is what sets Reliable Container, apart from the rest.

We are a highly service oriented, structural design innovator of corrugated packaging products, known for high levels of quality , integrity and customer satisfaction.

Our Customer Service staff is comprised of Industry veterans who know all aspects of our corrugated manufacuring process. They are the ‘voice’ of Reliable Container and your direct liason for service. Your CSR will often be the only person you should need to contact with regards to price, availability or delivery of your custom corrugated order. They have access not only to our production data but our vendors as well, so we can provide you with the most accurate and timely information available.

Please contact one of our CSR’s today for all your packaging needs!

At the heart of our Service, lies our Structural Design Center. Reliable Container is proud to offer to our customers the services of some of the most talented corrugated structural designers in the area. With a broad base of knowledge in the industries that touch and use corrugated such as wire racking, metal/plastic/wood POP displays, injection molding, plastic and metal extruders, custom glass and plastic fabricators, etc., our design team has a lot to offer during the design phase.

Intelligent design with cost savings in mind Whenever possible, your Designer will focus on solutions that may not require tooling. This has a two-fold benefit of lower overall package costs as well as quicker lead times.

Kongsberg CAD with Artios Design Center Our CAD table and software provide the latest in corrugated design technology. Our Structural Designers are trained and experienced to exploit this tool for your greatest benefit. We also still use our 90” Global Equipment manual sample table to augment our CAD whenever required.

Our structural designers often work from concept to production-ready prototype in the same day. Our customers are always welcome to consult with our structural design staff to provide them with personal service.

Independent Packaging Testing While not in-house, when required we do have access to a package testing facility that provides specialized packaging testing for corrugated containers. ISTA and other tests are available for your specific needs.

Our production facility consists of 65,000 sqft of manufacturing space installed with some of the latest in box making equipment. (Please see our equipment listing page for details) Among those that make

Some key features and benefits of our equipment:
Large Jumbo Press The ability to make very large, single-joint, one piece cartons. Some box makers are forced to make large cartons as a two piece, or two-joint carton, thus reducing the integrity and overall toughness of the carton, whereas, a single-joint carton is stronger and often times less costly.

Stitcher When required, we can provide a stitched or ‘stapled’ joint carton. Typically cartons are joined with either glue or tape but in those cases where a stitch joint is required, we have stitching capability in house.

Rotary and flat bed die-cutting stations.

Presses several 2 color FLEXO/and or Letter press stations that provide a full range of sizes of corrugated to be manufactured. (See current machine list for all equipment available)

Our production philosophy is non-traditional. Other corrugated companies may focus on their volume of output for the day; we instead focus completely on our customer’s priorities and manufacture accordingly. We stay current with our requirements so you can too.