Our Company


Reliable Container is a manufacturer of custom corrugated shipping containers, corrugated displays and corrugated structural design products and was founded May 1990. We feel strongly that by applying time-proven experience, efficient problem solving and years of industry experience we are providing first-rate class service to our customers. Our customers think so too; often times we discover that our customers value us as their ‘go to’ source when it needs to be right – and it needs to be on time.



Our Sales Representatives, Structural Design Staff and Customer Service are very well versed in today’s corrugated technologies. They bring skill and experience to every project or problem we are presented with to solve. Their in depth product knowledge and proven design solutions are what we consider to be our core competencies. We attempt to understand the unique aspects of our customers, often resulting in long-term, mutually rewarding partnerships.


At Reliable Container we are not just a “production facility” – making as many shipping containers as we can produce in a given shift. We respond to our customers with quickness of service as our main focus to them. A quick response to all inquiries for design and samples, quotations and ultimately delivery of product is our concentration. Custom packaging, no minimums, same day or next day delivery are just some of the ways we provide this first-rate class of service.


Honesty and integrity are the cornerstone to all we do at Reliable Container. It is through our customer relationships, our vendor and business partner alliances and finally through our greatest asset – the employees of Reliable Container, that we strive to earn the trust and respect that has become the bedrock of our business philosophy and mission.