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Carton and Shipping Containers:

Constructed of single, double or even triple-wall thickness, the carton provides the main protection in packaging solutions. Being a manufacturer with custom capabilities, the carton is typically the main component of any display or pack-out. Interior packing is then used to provide additional strength and protection for individual pieces within the master carton.

Scored Sheets:

A scored sheet has many uses as inner packing. It can be rolled up to form an air cell or an inner bumper of protection. It can be folded "accordion style" to become a build-up of almost any thickness and width. Or it can become a single protective cell for smaller sized pieces that need to be shipped with the master carton.

Tubes and Liners:

Often part of the interior wall of a carton, these products add an extra "wall thickness" for greater stacking strength and puncture protection during shipment.


A pad can add another layer just below the flaps of an assembled, sealed carton. If the flaps are glued and there is a slight air gap on the top and bottom of the carton, a pad can be used to keep out dust and add yet another layer of protection.


Cells or dividers inside a fully set up carton that protect glass or other objects from hitting each other during shipment. Partitions also allow different sized items to be packed in the same master carton. A layer pad can be added between "floors" of partitions to allow multiple layers of product to be shipped -safely- within the same master carton.

Tele Trays:

Top and bottom slotted sheets that are usually joined at the corners with staple or glue to form a tray when they are assembled. Tele trays can be used as their own shipping containers as well as providing an air cell within the master carton.

Die-Cut Inner Packing:

When standard inner packing (no tooling required) can not be used, a die-cut design is often the best solution. Our Design Engineers, with their expert knowledge of CAD and many years of experience, create the best, structurally sound solution to protect your product from the moment it is packed to its final destination.

Printing On Any of Our Products:

Any carton or inner packing piece that we manufacture can always be printed. This can be one or two colors of a company logo, part number, purchase order, bar code or any other end-user-required identifiable markings.

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